Ueno Gourmet s a leading supplier of premium sake in Europe and has companies in Germany, Switzerland and in the United Kingdom. UENO GOURMET conveys the gastronomic culture of Japan. We only import premium quality sake, shochu and spices. All products are traditionally handcrafted without additives. We buy directly from renowned producers and ensure that transport is gentle on the aroma

The Sake & Shochu Akademie Europa (S.AK.E.) has set itself the task of discovering, developing and communicating “Sake as an ideal accompaniment to food”. SAK.E. was founded by SAKE SAMURAI Yoshiko Ueno-Müller as well as sake sommelier and importer Jörg Müller in January 2020 in Kronberg im Taunus / Germany. S.AK.E is derived from the first letter of the company name in German: Sake & Shochu Akademie Europa. Coming from the land of the rising sun, S.AK.E. found a permanent place in Europe.

Go-Sake as founded in 2017 to promote Japanese sake culture in Europe. Go-Sake offers premium sake from small sake breweries and supports these sake breweries with the introduction of their handmade sake in Germany. Go-Sake stands for 180 milliliters and for a new, modern way of consuming sake in modern packaging. Go-Sake was recently added to the list of the best craft sake by MEINIGERS WEINWELT. Go-Sake stands for a conscious, cleaner and healthier lifestyle.
Rockstar Media & Events has been an agency direct from the center of Berlin since 2006. A small core team, supplemented by a highly specialized network of freelancers in the “mobile office”, enables efficient and tailor-made solutions for brand staging, live communication, individual events and guerrilla marketing approaches.
The strategy consultancy has been doing exactly what its founder Herbert Schmitz has always been interested in brands since 2011: Working out what is special about a brand, finding the unique core, deciphering its DNA and describing its character. As much as possible so that everyone understands.
Das Berliner Traditionsunternehmen SCHERK ist seit 1906 ein Pionier in der Hautpflege und Parfümerie. Im Laufe seiner Geschichte hat sich SCHERK als eine der avantgardistischsten Marken erwiesen, sowohl in Bezug auf Produktinnovationen als auch auf das Produktdesign. Diese Tradition setzen wir heute fort und entwickeln die Beauty-Marken von morgen – darunter auch die Luxus-Kosmetik-Marke OGIMI, angelehnt an das Dorf der Hundertjährigen auf Okinawa. Dies macht SCHERK zu einem idealen Partner der Sake Embassy.
A membership in the Sake Embassy Germany offers you as a private person or company significant advantages. Take advantage of the direct exchange with us and our members or benefit from invitations and special conditions at our events, by providing contacts and knowledge or simply by buying sake.